We Like It Dirty. You Like It Clean.

PetroClean's specialty is cleaning, or polishing, your existing fuel. This includes the removal of the fuel from the tank, thorough cleaning of the tank, and the removal of particulates from your fuel as it is polished and returned to your clean tank.

Our other main service is installing access plates on your fuel tank in a safe, secure, and professional manner. The product we use consists of a precision, laser cut, aluminum plate and gasket with NO seams. We also sell these access plates, complete with instructions for the competent do-it-yourselfer.

How Things Get Dirty

Fuel travels a long way from the oil refinery to our motor vehicles and heaters. It flows through pipelines, it is hauled by tanker ships and trucks, and it is stored in tanks at fuel delivery sites before we pump it into our trucks, boats, and furnaces. Even when transported and stored with great care, it's easy to see how fuel can pickup dirt, water, and other nasties that can cause problems for your engine or furnace.

Water is a common problem, as it often accumulates in fuel tanks. Many times, this is a result of condensation, or even something as simple as leaving the cap off your tank. Water invites rust into your tank and aids in the production of bacteria and other microorganisms that thrive in the interface between diesel fuel and water. Over time, these organisms die, fall out of suspension, and accumulate in the lowest points of the tank, in corners, and along the edges and sides of baffles.

Equally as problematic is the degradation of fuel over time. Asphaltene, an organic compound found in crude oil that is difficult to remove during the refining process, will slowly fall out of suspension and leave sludge deposits in your tank, filter, and even your engine. Although the process of fuel degradation does not happen overnight -- it takes months -- old fuel will eventually cause you problems.

Rust, dirt, bacteria, water and other sludge will all end up in your fuel filter and your engine if not properly dealt with. If you manage to discover your tank and fuel are dirty while in a controlled situation, count yourself lucky -- ask any boater who has experienced engine failure due to dirty tanks and fuel while motoring on rough, open water!

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